Electrical Insulation with no limit

Resin potting and encapsulation: boost quality and resistance of electric components

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    Safeguard electric and electronic components by protecting them with resins: in this ebook you’ll find out the best practices to avoid waste of time and material and give enhanced durability to your products. Resin potting and encapsulation facilitates heat dissipation and boost resistance to mechanical stresses guaranteeing a longer life to components.

    In this free ebook you will read about:

    Resin encapsulation of electrical and electronic components: why is it necessary?
    Encapsulation or impregnation: which one?
    How to choose the most suitable resin for each component
    Manual dispensing or automatic machine?
    Automatic resin dispensing equipment to encapsulate electronic components
    How to choose the right supplier to insulate your electrical and electronic components
    Important components information
    The importance of customization to ensure a complete, but above all, effective process