Potting Sprint

Your custom potting production plan,
in only 2 weeks

The Demak Potting Sprint is the unique consultancy approach that allows our top experts, in only two weeks, to provide you with the best potting process configuration for all e-mobility components. This means a complete process industrialization, from the choice of the suitable resin system to the correct equipment selection, always starting from your specific needs.

How does it work?

Step 1

Introduction of the work team, collection of project requirements and definition of the production goal


Step 2

Analysis and evaluation of the best resins with our team of experienced chemists
Step 3

Equipment plant configuration and Tooling conception with our team of mechanical engineers


Step 4

Sharing of results: technical documentation with specifications related to the best Resin and Equipment for your needs


Only two weeks

What you will get


Your Custom Production Plan

In 2 weeks you will get your Custom Production Plan: through research and analysis based on your specific needs Demak will design the personalized solution for your project.


Detailed data sheets of the best Demak Resins identified for your project


Specifications for the Equipment plant configuration and the evaluation of Tooling for the isolation process

Potting Lab

Prototype your result

At the end of the Demak Potting Sprint! we will have all the elements to define the times and methods for creating a prototype of the final result: your e-mobility motor/component insulated in the Demak Lab!

Why should I choose Demak Potting Sprint?

A tailor made

Starting from the design of your component we will help you find the best resin and equipment for optimal insulation

Time reduction,
from months to days

Working together with different departments at the same table, sharing ideas at the right moment avoiding endless meetings

Tangible results
in only 2 weeks

We accelerate production by aligning stakeholders from the very first moment



Possible advices on your project to ensure the best insulation of the final product


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